Battle Boston
Author: Buffalo
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Trip hangs back as the minions bring Kakistos his mid morning snack. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy a little carnage just that he preferred to be the one doing the killing.
Kakistos had been slipping of late, and Trip was beginning to wonder if perhaps it was time to take the reins.
Trip turns as one of the minions enters the "lair", he had been sent out at nightfall to collect the payments owed to the leader of Boston.
"Ah, do we have a gift for our master?" asks Trip with a smile.
"I have made the collections, but Hamilton's nest, it was destroyed. All I found was dust." Says the minion prostrating himself before Trip.
"A hunter?"
"No one knows, but it is the likely conclusion."
"Well then we shall have to remedy that, hunters are bad for business."

Chapter one

Murphy doesn't know how to react when he wakes to find a beautiful if young girl sleeping half dressed on his couch. Conner had told him that Xander would be staying with them again, but he hadn't mentioned his friend. Murphy decides the best course of action would be to ignore the girl and set about making breakfast.
He steps over Xander where he is sleeping on the floor and heads to the stove.
It isn't long before the smell of sausage wakes the rest of the now cramped apartment.
Faith comes to the table half asleep uncaring that she is wearing only a shirt and panties which leave little to the imagination, but the others were in similar states of undress as well. She notes Xander’s fresh tattoos with interest.
"Already got your ink back I see," she says around a mouthful of food.
"Yeah, the brothers did them for me," replies Xander motioning to the two brothers. Murphy takes a little bow.
"I want the same," says Faith after a moment. She knew she didn't have the slayer spirit anymore; the likelihood of her being chosen again was slim at best. If she wanted to live her life, she needed an edge.
"You sure lass?" Asks Conner "It’s far from a pleasant experience."
"I'm sure."
"Do you want the same as we put on the boy?"
"Yeah," says Faith looking at the heavy jagged tribal lines which adorn Xander’s body.
"Well then, no time like the present I guess" says Murphy crossing the room to gather the needed equipment.
The McManus brothers lived in a small single room abode; they were part of the large community of squatters that occupied this and other buildings like it in Boston.
It doesn't take long for Murphy to get what he needs. Across the room Conner leans down and grabs a bottle of whiskey.
"You'll be wantin’ this first," he says handing the bottle to Faith.
"Faith, when it comes, don't fight it, let it in," says Xander holding her head looking directly into her eyes, before the tattooing begins.  Trying to make her understand what’s coming.  Then it start’s and there’s not much else besides the pain.
She tries to hold onto what he’s saying, but the pain is clouding her mind over, and Xan’s voice is a gentle murmur of noise coming from her side. Then she finds herself no longer seeing the walls of the apartment, she is in a vast desert, the sun is shining harsh, bright, and she isn't alone.
Xander knows when he sees Faith's eyes go blank that she has reached the spirit plane, he can only hope she remembers his instructions.
She is silent for moments before her eyes blink open to reveal the slit pupils of a cat. Then things get interesting.


The four of them sit panting in exhaustion after the work is done. The now depleted bottle being passed between them. Conner has an ice pack resting between his legs.
"Sorry bout that," says Faith passing him the bottle. Conner shrugs it off as he takes the bottle.
"I have to say that is the first time I've seen a woman do that," says Murphy with a chuckle. Faith halfheartedly cuffs him, he dodges easily with a laugh.
"Honestly, where did you learn to curse like that?" asks Conner passing his brother the bottle.
"I've been askin’ that for close to ten years an she still refuses to tell me," interjects Xander from his place lying on the other side of the couch. He props his head up and grabs the bottle from Murphy. He takes a long pull to sooth his wounded pride, how in the hell she managed to get a hold of that knife, he shrugs it off as he gingerly touches the shallow cut on his arm. He passes the bottle back to Faith and collapses back to the floor.
"Hell boys, you'd think you'd never dealt with a lady before," she says finishing off the bottle. Her words raise a halfhearted chuckle from the others; the chuckles soon turn to full, belly laughs as they finally give in to their exhaustion.

Chapter two.

Faith and Xander walk side-by-side enjoying the cool night air. They had finally woken from their exhausted slumber a few hours ago, and decided it was time to test out Faith's new legs so to speak. The tattoos didn't give abilities anywhere near to that of a slayer, but they did give a normal human an edge.
The powers of the tattoos were spiritual in nature, much like how the slayers are imbued with their power.  The power of the tattoos was really more like a contract with a foreign spirit.
Xander remembers when an ancient Sorcerer in Africa first marked him. Somewhere in all that pain he found himself transported. He was in a deep wood, looking into the eyes of a hungry dire wolf.
The animal imparted power, strength, but it also brought other changes. Xander always had a need for meat, as raw as possible. Sometimes he would simply let himself go and bring down a deer, but the others always seemed disturbed by this so he tried to keep it apart from them.
He knew that Faith was still feeling the after effects of the bonding. She had an animal stalk in her steps that spoke of a hunting predator. Xander taps into the spiritual power of his markings, letting his conscious self fall aside; then he lets himself smell the night.
There it was, a scent of blood, ash. An animal grin touches his lips, he turns to Faith and knows she has smelled it too.
"Ladies first," he says with a grin showing far too much tooth.
"What a gentleman," says Faith with a smirk, before taking off at a run. Xander lets himself enjoy the view for a moment before following.
They come down an alleyway to find three men. It is clear they are vampires; even if their scent hadn't completely blanketed the alleyway it would have been obvious. Faith has already set into one of them, her fists drawing blood and cries of joy from her lips. Xander dives in, his pearl handled 1911 forgotten at his waist.
It only takes moments for the two of them to tear through the vampires. They are soon walking away; traces of blood on their hands and cloths the only sign of their encounter.
The two of them find their way to a diner, the same one they had sat in the night before. They order coffee and sit.
"Is that what it's always like for you?" Asks Faith after a moment.
"I knew you were different since Africa but I had no idea."
"I hid it. It was more important to give them what they needed."
"They needed a friend, a watcher, they didn't need a warrior."
"Where do you want to go first?" asks Faith after a moment. Xander releases a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. He had feared that Faith would have no desire to stay with him after this.
"No plans, just need to move for a bit."
"We'll need a car."
"Well then I guess we'll have to find one," he says with a wicked grin.


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Asks Faith as Xander finishes cutting through the fence. Yeah, they hardly ever check their stock, and they're reported as recovered so we won't have to worry about being pulled over for driving a stolen car.
"Still seems like this could blow up in our faces," says Faith looking at the sign proclaiming police impound lot.
The two adults stuck in teenager bodies walk through the parked cars. They pass up the mini vans and SUVs’ without a second glance. They walk through until Xander suddenly stops. Faith almost bumps into his as she had been looking to the side. She almost says something until she sees the car. A black 1967 dodge charger, a thing of beauty.
The two of them walk up to the car and begin going over it. To their surprise not only is it unlocked, but the keys are in the ignition. Xander grins wholeheartedly at Faith as the engine easily turns over.
"What do you say?"
"Definitely the ride for us."

Chapter three

The first sign that something is wrong, is when Faith and Xander find the door open upon returning to the apartment.
They were still ridding the high of their escapade returning home for the night. The planned to leave tomorrow after a good nights sleep. But their plans were shattered by what they find. The brothers tied bloody. It is clear they've put up a fight. A black man impeccably dressed is feature twisted into a demonic visage standing over them. He is flanked by six other vampires, their cloths ranging from biker to jogger.
"Ah is see you've finally dined to join the party," says the apparent leader with a grin.
Without thought, Xander pulls his pearl handled colt 1911 and fires. The leader is on the ground a bullet between his yellow eyes. Faith is already tearing into the muscle. Xander quick pulls a blade and dives at the brothers, cutting r the ropes binding them. Conner is conscious but Murphy isn't moving. Xander quickly hoists the Irishman into a fireman hold. Faith disengages from her fight and grabs Conner helping him to run.
The four of them get out of the building as fast as they can, the surviving vampires close on their heels. Xander tosses Murphy through the Chargers ' open window. He dives through and gets behind the wheel. A second later Faith follows suit and takes the passenger seat. Faith grabs Xander’s gun from his lap and opens fire into the vampires chasing them.
Several of her shots land well enough to take them off their feet. Xander hits the gas and they peel out.
"How is he?" Yells Xander back to Conner.
"Not good," one of those vamps took a bit out of him, he's lost a lot of blood" says Conner as he desperately tries to stop his brothers' bleeding.
"Where's the nearest hospital?"
"St. Mary’s, take the next right."
Xander complies trying to edge as much speed out of the car as he can.


Xander and Faith pace the cramped hallway of the hospital waiting for news on Murphy.
"It was shortsighted," says Xander angrily.
"What?" Asks Faith.
"I knew Trick and Kakistos were here, I should have gone after them."
"If you had I'd be sitting with your mangled body now. Kakistos isn't something to be trifled with. I know." Says Faith crossing her arms and barring Xander’s way, forcing him to cease his pacing.
"We'll make them pay, but we'll do it right," she says looking him in the eye.
"What do you have in mind?" Xander asks. Their discussion is cut short by Conner appearing. He has a weary smile on his face.
"Murph will be fine," he says "they're getting blood back in him, say he should be on the mend by morning."
"Conner. I'm sorry, I made you a target-"
"You did nothing. We know what you are and what you do, do you really think that we weren't prepared for the consequences?" says Conner cutting him off.
"How did they get in, asks Faith "you didn't give them an invite."
"Squatters’ rights apparently don't apply in the metaphysical," says Conner "now tell me how we're getting even with the bastards."

Chapter four

Xander walks into Nights. He knows that this will probably end badly but it is the best of limited options.
He walks through the packed bar straight to Barny.
"Hey, I'll be needing a double," says Xander laying a bill on the bar top. Barny pours the drink.
"What's with the double shot of courage?" Asks the massive troll.
"I have a proposition" says Xander raising his voice so the whole bare can hear him "tonight I'm going after Kakistos, I plan to kill him. I know he has control of Boston, that you all pay him for the right to live in your homes. But what if you didn't, I need fighters, I don't care if you'd be trying to kill me normally, I just need you to have my back for one night.
If you want to finally be free, come with me" Xander finishes. He grabs the bottle Barny had left on the bar and pours another drink. Downing it in a single gulp he slams the glass to the floor.
"Blood will flow tonight, make it that of your oppressor," with that Xander leaves the bar, the beings within remain silent as he passes.


Xander meets Faith in front of the warehouse that Kakistos has claimed as his own. It was common knowledge that this was his castle, no one in Boston was fool enough to try attacking him.
"How did it go?" Asks Xander of Faith and Conner. They had gone to a friend of Conner’s to obtain armaments.
"You wouldn't have believed this guys place, he had a fucking cannon" says Faith opening the trunk of the Charger. The trunk now contains several assault rifles and a wide variety of other weapons. Xander grabs one of the rifles, it is a military grade M16, able to go full auto.
"This is incredibly illegal and incredibly cool," says Xander sighting down the weapons barrel.
"Where's mine," says a voice from the darkness. The three of them turn to find Murphy limping up to them.
"Murph, you shouldn’t be out, you lost a lot of blood man," says Conner with concern moving to his brothers' side.
"Well I plan to be getting blood out of them so we should be grand," says Murphy in reply. He moves over to the car and grabs one of the rifles. "Now this is nice" he says with a grin. They realize there would be no use in trying to dissuade him, he was in the fight now.
"So these are the great freedom fighters," Xander turns to see Barny. The massive troll is dressed in leather armor, worn and beaten from heavy use, a massive broadsword is slung at his back.
"Don't know if I’d call us great," says Xander "you here to join us?"
"We all are," replies Barny with a grin; with that the shadows come alive. Demons, humans, vampires. It was an army.
"Hell, we just might live through this," says Conner with a smirk.


Kakistos was enjoying playing with his food. His victim was a young Pilipino girl his minions have grabbed for him. He was about to have his first taste when Trick walks in and interrupts.
"What?" Asks the ancient deformed vampire with annoyance.
"Sire, it seems we have a pest problem." Kakistos finally notices that his servant has a still healing wound between his eyes. Trick had been shot.
"Pest are to be dealt with, do you job and stop ruining my lunch," says Kakistos turning his attention back to the whimpering girl. He is about to sink his fangs into her unmarked flesh when the room seems to explode.
Xander and Faith had decided to start the fight by emptying their assault rifles into the warehouse. They watched their weapons tear holes through the steel siding of the building. Then the weapons click empty. Xander and Faith drop the now useless guns.
"Ready?" Asks Xander of Barny.
"You just try to keep from ending up on me blade," he replies with a grin. The massive troll raises his broadsword and roars a terrifying battle roar; the assembled force soon echoes the cry. Their group is now close to a hundred strong, almost all of them demons that Xander would have no desire to go toe to toe with. With the battle called they all descend upon the warehouse. The assembled mystics unleash a massive flurry of energy, which is followed by a wall of demon and human warriors.
The assembled vampires loyal to Kakistos break like tissue paper at the attack. Xander fights with his colt in one hand a machete in the other. It is moments before the latter is covered in blood. Xander lets the wolf loose, like he hadn't in years. His eyes turn yellow, not the yellow of a vampire the yellow of a wolf, and in an instant he isn't Xander anymore he is the animal now. His compatriots back away from him as he roars an inhuman howl of glee and dives into the fight. Twenty vampires fall before him, helpless to stop his animal ferocity.
Faith cuts at the enemy around her with her machete; she can feel it coming, a berserker rage overcoming her. It finally crests, her eyes flash catlike for a moment, and she dives into the heart of the enemy.
She and Xander find themselves fighting back to back, their blades felling all who stand in their way.  Then he is there; Kakistos, in all his deformed cloven hooved infamy. Xander feels his wolf bay at the wrongness of the creature. Faith feels a growl rise in her throat. And as one the two warriors attack the ancient vampire.
Barny has just finished cleaving a minion in two when he hears the ferocious roar echo through the battleground. He looks to see the two teens attacking Kakistos, no sense letting the pup have all the fun. Barny starts cutting a path to the real battle.
Xander and Faith dive at their enemy. Cutting at Kakistos with their blades to little effect. Though it does enrage the ancient vampire. He grabs Faith as she passes too close, and with a single twist of his wrist shatters hers. Her weapon drops from a limp hand, as she cries in pain.
Xander howls in rage at seeing her pain. He abandons all pretence of strategy; he attacks Kakistos with everything he has hacking and slashing at the creature. He putts so much force into his blows that his blade finally shatters, but he still keeps pounding at the vampire with his hands his fist becoming bloody. Then he is thrown aside.
Barny has finally made his way across the battle to Kakistos. The boy is in a rage, Barny can see he has ripped his hands to shreds in his frenzied attack.
Barny finally comes into striking distance as Xander is thrown free by Kakistos. As the ancient deformed vampire attempts to regain its feet, Barny raises his massive broadsword. With a single swing Barny cleaves Kakistos in two. Barny watches in satisfaction as the evil creature turns to dust. 

Chapter five

The battle quickly ends after Kakistos is defeated. Xander sits on the floor his back resting against a wall, he is exhausted.
"Guess we live to fight again," says Conner dropping to the ground beside him. They watch as the rest of the fighters go over the carnage to find tokens of their victory. One of the demons, a green froglike being, cries out to the others when he finds a back room filled with treasures collected by the now dead vampire.
After some time Faith flops down next to them, Murphy close behind.
"What do you say we sleep for a couple of weeks?" Asks Faith with a tired grin.
"Could go for that," replies Xander. He doesn't see Barny's approach, which is surprising given the trolls size, suddenly there he is. Standing in front of the small bedraggled group.
"A good battle pup," says the demon with a grin "we have won our freedom for a time, perhaps a long time." He pauses for a moment before reaching behind his back. He withdraws a blade; it is the length of Xanders' forearm, but little more then a dagger to the troll, it is beautifully crafted. He pauses for a moment before handing it to Xander.
"Show that to any of my kind and they will accept you, you're troll-friend now" he says with a grin, before turning to rejoin the rising celebration taking place in the warehouse.
"Look who made a friend," says Faith nudging Xander.
The party ended up lasting into the dawn hours. Demons and humans beings who would have been natural enemies any other time drank together. They were free.

Trick stumbles through the dank sewer. He had never been a fan of this particular avenue of travel, but the bloodbath he had left behind had given him no other manner of escape.
He doubted that his former compatriots would survive the battle, but it mattered little to him. He had survived, and he would rebuild. Boston would soon bow before Trick.
The vampire doesn't see the large polgara demon who had followed him down into the sewer. He doesn’t hear it extend it's bone spike. Trick does however feel pain as the massive demon pierces his heart, killing him with a single blow.

kin pandun
06/10/2012 12:01am

Awesome sequel. I like how each fic is multi-chaptered but self-contained.

Where are Xander and Faith foing next? Did they get a share of the treasure like everyone else? Are the Irish guys going to come with them, or stay as contacts/friends in Boston?

Now I'm thinking that the Boston nightlife will have a union or something. An agreement between normally disparate parties to jointly fend off all outsiders or would-be kingpins. EG: Mage walks up to a fyarl and a polgara "That Master Vampire from New York is out to take over the city. You guys tell the local vamps we're going after him tonight."

Also, how DID Xander get all that time off from school?

Thanks for writing,

06/10/2012 4:34pm

Thanks for reading.
I like the idea of a boston nightlife union i might have to do somthing with tha tin the future.
as for the rest well you'll just have to keep reading:p
i figure xander passed his ged exams so he doesnt actually have to be in school anymore.
please keep reviewing i love to hear what people think.

06/10/2012 1:22am

Good story so far. Hope to see more soon.

06/10/2012 4:36pm

Thanks hope you like the stories to come.

06/10/2012 1:43am

well interesting i like it so far i wonder who they'll meet what kind of other crossovers you'll add.should be good i'll check back looking for more.great so far keep it up

06/10/2012 4:37pm

Thanks for reading.
I have planns for a lot of crossovers to come, look out for a biker with a flaming skull.

06/10/2012 2:26am

Great story so far. While I have seen a few other Xander has future memories fics, this is the first one where he doesn't just putz around in SD.

06/10/2012 4:39pm

I have read a lot of future memories fics and wanted to do somthing different. hope you like the stories to come.

Tom Chizek
06/10/2012 6:29am

Wonderful chapter! I really like where you are going with this, I can't wait to see what happens next!

06/10/2012 4:43pm

Thanks, I am hoping to get more up soon. I really have been blowed over by the great responces i've been getting so far.

06/10/2012 7:52am

Could you please also put this series up at TTH? I'd like to download it for my private collection. I use a catalog software called Calibre and a plugin called FanfictionDownloader. FFDL can grab stories from TTH directly into Calibre.

06/10/2012 4:41pm

Thanks for reading.
I will be posting the main story on TtH but i'm not sure about the side stories. i will however be offering a zip file download of the stories soon.

06/10/2012 5:47pm

You've started an exciting universe of crossovers, which happily reminds me of the Journeyverse of Tenhawk.

06/10/2012 11:36pm

Thank you, you've made my day. Hop you like the stories to come.

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Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

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