Author: Buffalo
A very special thanks to JonnyNapalm for his incredible work betaing this story.
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A side note on cannon, all seasons of BtVS will be considered cannon but after that the comics are not followed as closely.
if some of the characters act out of character to how they are known in their respective source materials, please give it time all will be explained.
Thank you for reading.
so this is just a little
interlude to wet your whistle. I have several  new chapters which will be coming
up soon.
this chapter is set outside the continuity of the series. i
wrote myself into a little hole which several people pointed out to me, this is
meant to explain angel being turned in an ireland free of vampires.

interlude: A Conversation with an Irish Vampire.

Xander and Angel
sit in Caritas. It is hours after closing and they have been working on a bottle
for the better part of the night. They were at the point of sad

"You know, I've been wondering something for a time now," says

"Yeah?" replies Angel. He realizes that his Irish accent had come

"I heard this story once, that no vampire has ever spilt human blood
on Irish soil. But I thought you were turned in Ireland."

"I was,"
replies Angel after a moment.

"So was the story was

"Not exactly. People like to go to extremes with things. It
isn't that no blood has ever been spilled, so much as the consequences are so
severe it might as well be true.

Darla never was one to take a warning.
She heard the stories of a land free of vampires and all she saw was a feeding
ground free of competition.

She cut a bloody swathe through the villages,
thinking nothing would come of it. It wasn't until after she turned me that they
came.  She had been hunting Ireland for all of a week when the warriors caught
our scent. I have never been as terrified as the night they found us. We were
sleeping in the house of the local mayor; he had been our supper the evening

I thought the Wild Hunt had ridden. They were horsemen, a
hundred strong. Darla and I managed to barely stay ahead of them on the horses
we had stolen. We ran them to death but the horsemen still chased us. They would
have caught us but the sun rose.

Whatever the guardians of Ireland are
they have less love for the light of day than vampires.

Darla and I
barely stopped to find cloths able to shield us from the sun.

I could
feel the skin peeling from my bones as we kept on. It was the height of day when
we finally made it to the sea. I was little more then sinew and bone, Darla
barely any better. We dove into the sea, and never looked back.  We washed
ashore on England, it took the better part of a small fishing village to
reconstitute us."

Silence fills the deserted bar after Angel finishes
his tale. Xander doesn't have a response.

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